Radio Ministry

The radio is a powerful little thing. Nearly 96% of the 11.3 million people in Malawi listen to the radio[1]. And, while skipping around the different stations, one of them just might chance upon Trans World Radio Malawi (TWR), a nonprofit missionary radio network with the goal of spreading the Word of God.

One of the Master of Divinity students at CAPA, Abel Sauti-Phiri, has been serving in radio ministry with his wife Dorothy for more than 10 years. They first started with a program on TWR called Building the Family, which they delivered in the local language Chichewa. Not only do they speak on marriage, but Abel also preaches the Word of God and shares the gospel on air. Abel says this about the people hungry for teaching on God’s Word: 

“So for more than 10 years every Sunday, ... we go live on the radio. So this transmission goes to Mozambique, it goes to Zambia, and Malawi, and a few countries like Zimbabwe, if they’re able to catch the signal....So on Sunday for one hour, I didn’t know that I was speaking to millions of people. So they have been writing and also phoning in that, ‘No, we want this program to continue!’ So we devoted ourselves with my wife to continue the program.”

Abel says he is constantly surprised when strangers he meets, like traffic officers at road checkpoints, testify that their lives have been changed and that that they have benefitted from something as seemingly simple as a radio program. 

After hearing about CAPA, Abel was determined to attend the seminary to further his studies. Since beginning studying at CAPA, Abel says that he has been repenting all the past two years. He says that he realizes that he used to teach with such little knowledge. His passion to teach and preach Scripture correctly has grown even more, and he realizes the great need for teaching pastors to preach the Word of God correctly. Abel emphasizes the importance of being properly equipped:

“This is the greatest need we have in our country: preachers and teachers of the Word of God who can teach the Word correctly. But how can one teach correctly if he or she has not been taught correctly? You see? So CAPA is the answer to the need! In Malawi, we have zeal and enthusiasm to serve the Lord, but it’s a zeal without knowledge, which is dangerous. Always I say that the church in our country is three miles wide and half an inch deep, in terms of biblical understanding and interpretation. So CAPA is the answer to beef up this great need we have in our land.”

We praise God for giving Abel a passion for His Word and a desire for His Word to be heard by others. We pray that the Lord help students learn to preach Scripture correctly, and minister to others with His teaching. 

And we thank God for donors like you, through whom He provides the means for students like Abel to study at CAPA to study and teach Scripture. 


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[1] according to a survey conducted by the National Statistical Office (NSO) on behalf of Malawi Communication Regulatory Authority (MACRA)