Central African Preaching Academy was started in 2014 by Jim Ayres and Brian Biedebach to meet the need for pastoral training in Malawi. Over the years, they saw how the lack of theological education for pastors produced men who could not preach God's Word or shepherd His people: they saw pastors more interested in spiritual blessings than fighting sin, who invoked the name of Christ as a chant for miracles rather than as a reputation to be honored. They visited churches with men who could not find John 3:16 in their Bibles to preach from it. The one Master of Divinity program in the country did not teach Greek or Hebrew, and the main Chichewa translation was a poor paraphrase of an English translation. Without adequately equipped pastors, churches across Malawi suffered.

So after months of planning, in August 2014, Jim and Brian opened CAPA, and accepted their first students to a one-year diploma program. A year later, they started a Master of Divinity program to teach Greek and Hebrew and sharpen their students' preaching. In April 2018, CAPA graduated its very first Master of Divinity students.

Our hope is that each student will go back to his church and begin to impact his church members through the faithful preaching of God's Word. Our hope is that each student will love his wife and children and model Christlikeness for them. Our hope is that each student will bring glory to the name of Christ by the way he studies, practices, and teaches God's Word.